Workplace Mindfulness 

Greater well being

Reduced stress and anxiety

More effective communication

Improve your emotional intelligence

Develop clearer thinking and increased focus

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness has proven success within organisations. Evidence shows many benefits including increased staff wellness, productivity and flexibility. Most people struggle to change. Yet, mindfulness teaches us the key ingredient for success: the ability to direct our focus/attention away from what's limiting us towards healthy change. 

Training ranges from a one-hour introductory session, to more in-depth training on establishing mindfulness within the workplace culture, depending on your organisational needs.

"Blair has worked with our staff over the last year providing high quality sessions that have made a difference to their wellbeing. He is so popular our staff keep asking him back, he is certainly a valuable resource that helps our people not only in their work, but personal lives as well." - Brian Sheedy, Principal Te Totara School.

Course Content

Introducing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply being aware in the present moment, in a kind and non-judgmental way. It is learning the art of how we direct our attention so we have more choice and less reactivity. There is a solid scientific basis supporting its effectiveness for increased productivity, innovation and flexibility.

I can teach you:

  • Mindfulness techniques that activate clear and focused thinking

  • How to direct your attention skillfully

  • Practical tools for preventing harmful stress and boosting resilience

Mindfulness and Difficult Thinking Patterns

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the content of what we are thinking that it dominates our capacity to work effectively. It is not always events that trigger difficult emotions; rather it is your thoughts and beliefs about these events that cause problems.

I can teach you how to:

  • Work with your thoughts skillfully

  • Identify challenging thinking patterns

  • Intervene effectively in these difficult thinking patterns

  • Have more control over your thoughts

Working Skillfully with Emotions

Life can be full of difficult emotions. Often our strategies for coping with and avoiding these emotions can make the workplace tense and difficult. Evidence tells us that avoiding emotions does not work and in fact only serves to make them stronger. Mindfulness has proven success in helping people manage difficult emotions and therefore creating a more supportive workplace environment.

I can teach you how to:

  • Identify challenging emotions

  • Process emotions safely

Developing willingness and acceptance

Research clearly shows that our attempts to avoid or block our experience often fails. Avoidance and blocking is often both unhelpful and can even amplify the very thing we are trying to avoid, which can have negative effects on our well-being. Mindfulness helps us take control so we learn to respond, rather than react, to our experiences.

I can teach you how to:

  • Mindfully respond rather than react

  • Increase your capacity to handle difficult situations

  • Actively accept and find ease

Testimonials from Waipa Library Staff

“I attended the Blair Bowker mindfulness course yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He had sent through course notes, which meant we would listen to what he was saying, without trying to write key points down.  He didn’t come across as someone who has all the answers.  He came across as human, and someone who practices what he teaches.  Well worth it.”

“Blair was a great speaker. Explained everything well and kept it flowing and interesting. Felt in a safe environment as he was very approachable and kept it appropriate. Content of course was interesting and he gave great examples to explain various aspects.”

“I really enjoyed the way he presented the workshop, letting us know a little bit about him and how he came to be doing what he does.  He explained everything so well, so he was very easy to understand.  The four hours went incredibly fast, which means I was engaged in what he was saying.”

“Blair was very good and I felt the course content was right on point for all staff. Blair was able to present the content in a way that could be adapted to individual challenges and problems so even though we were not all in the same place, or battling the same things, it was useful and insightful at a personal level for everyone.  I felt he immediately came across as trustworthy and he had a very calming influence. He is softly spoken but I found myself hanging on every word. He constantly related what he was saying back to real life examples and experience.  I can see how I will use the techniques he taught us in my personal and work life.”