Public Mindfulness Workshops

Find calm and peace

Relax and decrease stress

Drop into a better head space

Learn to get untangled from your mind and emotions

Half-Day Mindfulness Course

Treat yourself to this half day workshop at Houchen House and enjoy this lovely and peaceful venue. During the day we will explore mindfulness meditation and working with emotions to access the ease and joy of being fully present.

This course will be focused on developing the skill of awareness through both walking and sitting/lying practices as well as cultivating kindness and compassion towards yourself. There will be an emphasis on experiential practice so that you will go away with an in-depth understanding of  how to apply mindfulness to your life.

There will be a refresher on mindfulness, including guidance on how to work with your thoughts and emotions - enabling you to learn to experience acceptance and peace.

Who is it suitable for?

Designed to build on the introduction course and deepen your practice, this is ideal for people who have completed the Mindfulness Works introduction course and is also suitable for beginners. 


Testimonials for the half day mindfulness course

"I benefited by taking time out in a beautiful setting, with a group of people also interested in mindfulness"

"I went from feeling irritated/agitated to being really rested"

"I go home feeling like I've let go of tension and want to engage more than I do in mindfulness. Thanks for facilitating a great day"

"I learnt more about myself. I left feeling relaxed and calm"

"I felt ready to do it all again and for longer. Thanks Blair"


Course Dates:
Sunday, 28th April and July 2019- 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM


Houchen House - 83 Houchens road. Glenview. Hamilton, Waikato 3206 NZ 



Monthly Mindfulness Class

After lots of requests, I have decided to offer a monthly mindfulness class.

Deepen your mindfulness practice. During the hour, we will do a mindfulness practice together, and I will talk about a particular theme of mindfulness. It's an opportunity to have a place to be supported by others in your mindfulness, ask questions, learn more and be in community together.

Click on the link below to book