Life Coaching

Mindfulness - Acceptance - Commitment

Decrease stress and anxiety

Increase calm and well-being

Create a rich and meaningful life

Foster more acceptance and kindness

Gain greater mental and emotional wellness

M.A.C is an evidence based psychological approach that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with personal commitment, to help you live in a more rich and meaningful way.

  • I teach you skills that help you with difficult thoughts and feeling so they have less control over you.
  • I help you connect to what is most important and meaningful for you, guiding you how to live from your values.


The 6 core principles of M.A.C and developing psychological flexibility

  1. Mindfulness - learning to contact the present moment, the here-and-now.
  2. Cognitive diffusion - learning how to step back from unhelpful thoughts, memories, and beliefs, rather than being controlled and pushed around by them. You learn to be with your thoughts in new ways, which allows you to choose to be assertive rather than reactive.
  3. Acceptance - developing a willingness to be with difficult feelings and thoughts in a more life-enhancing way. Learning how to make space for these experiences and drop the struggle. The more you make space, the easier it is for feelings to come and go without knocking you around.
  4. The Observing Self - the aspect of you which is responsible for awareness and attention. When you develop an inner "observer",  you can be aware of the flow of your experiences without being so caught and controlled by them
  5. Values - what matters to you most in life; what you stand for and what you want your life to be about.
  6. Committed Action - learning to take action guided by what matters most - your values - even when this may be challenging.

In essence, M.A.C helps you to change your relationship to difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences. M.A.C supports you to develop more psychological flexibility and not be so thrown around by life. You learn to be in the present, connecting to what's most important to you and being guided by your deepest values. 


How often do you need to come?

Together in our first session, we decide on how many sessions may be needed. This is a joint decision. This can range from just a few, to twenty sessions depending on your needs and goals.


Some common reasons to engage in M.A.C

  • Negative feedback at work
  • Strained relationships
  • Struggling with difficult emotions
  • Anxiety at work or in your personal life
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling lost and hopeless
  • Chronic pain
  • Want more out of life but aren't sure where to start


M.A.C Testimonials

"Working with Blair really changed my life. I learned how to make healthy choices, how not to be scared by my feelings, as a bloke that's quite something! I highly recommend Blair."
- M.T, Hamilton
"I was lost and confused. Everything seemed meaningless and overwhelming. I've learned to experience more peace and calm, to find more meaning in my life. It took time and hard work, but it was worth it. Cheers, Blair!"
- D. M, Hamilton

Mindfulness Supervision

Supervision helps you deepen and further your mindfulness practice as well as integrating mindfulness more fully into your daily life. We all bring habitual patterns that limit the benefit mindfulness can bring, such as our strong self-judgements and challenging emotional patterns. Regular supervision is essential so that you can learn to work with these patterns skilfully and not be driven by them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we all face obstacles, often without even knowing we are in them. 


Some common obstacles include:

  • Being overwhelmed by emotions
  • Self-doubt and judgement
  • Restlessness and agitation
  • Sleepiness and dullness
  • Difficult thinking patterns
  • Aversion


Supervision Testimonials

"I have been doing one-on-one mindfulness sessions with Blair for the past month where he has taught me valuable tools which have enabled me to reduce my stress levels, learn to relax, as well as been able to appreciate being in the present moment. I would totally recommend Blair as a mindfulness coach if these were some of the things that you wanted to bring into your life."

 I am available both in person and via Skype.

My fees are $90.00 to $125.00 per 50 minute session, depending on the circumstances and services required. Please contact me for more information.

Please kindly give 48hrs notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment to avoid a late cancellation fee.

I am a qualified counselor and a clinical member of PAnzA. As I see ongoing training as essential I am currently training as an Psychosynthesis psychotherapist.